Household Items For Health Purposes That You Don’t Know About

Our homes are not equipped like the hospitals and ERs are. Therefore when an accident happens or somebody suddenly falls ill, we usually panic and rush them to the hospital, whih is the correct thing to do. But sometimes, in cases of dire emergency, there are some unusual household items that can come to be handy in giving that rucial first aid that the person needs. Knowing how to use these objects could very well make the difference between saving that person’s life while they are being rushed to the hospital so here they are. See if you too, can make use of these everyday items for health purposes. Go here  for more information about hospital equipment 

Tea bags

Since when did tea bags become medical supplies, right? well tea is anayway in general known for their health benefits but in this case you can use them at home immediately after the skin has been badly irritated. For example in the case of ingrown hairs, sunburns, bee stings and hemorrhoids, you can always use the tea bags to soothe the areas of the skin that has become inflamed. It works like magic

Frozen pea bags

In the same way, if you have any sprains and injuries that occur suddenly, immediately get a bag of frozen peas from your refrigerator and apply it to the area that had the accident. Icing such as injury immediately can really help lessen the amount of selling, bruising, pain and damage while you travel to the doctor’s for further medical advice if you have medical consumables at home you can also apply a little bit of balm to reduce the pain in the area. 

Credit cards

Well sure, credit cards can be used to pay the bill right? yes, but this use is a slightly more different one. Suppose that you are walking in the garden and upset an angry bee early in the morning that then proceeds to sting you. The pain can be overwhelming but the first thing that you need to do is to remove the stinger from your skin completely, you can do this with the help of a credit card. Just take the card and scrape the skin area including the tip of the stinger thereby, causing a pulling motion that will pick the stinger out.


If somebody in your home in bleeding heavily, tampons can really save the day. Even though it is tiny in size, tampons have the capacity to hold in a lot of liquid so you can use it to soak up the blood while you rush them to the hospital. Because tampons are easy to handle as well, you can always put enough pressure on the wound with it to stop the blood flow until you get to a doctor as well.