Thread Lift – Newer Technological Improvements

The biggest challenge to using a proper anti-ageing techniques are about using the right techniques for working on sags and tackles. Both men and women prefer to have their sags and folds treated to bring about decisive improvement in their looks. Unless the method is time tested, any skin care program should be expected to give new kinds of risks and consequences. Newer technological improvements in the domain of skin care has made it possible to achieve great results under professional supervision. The numbers of older people are increasing by the day and interestingly most of them are interested in investing in improving their looks.

Non-Absorbable Threads

Thread lift is an advanced facial rejuvenation technique. This method is used to address the tissues underlying the cheek and also the jaw line. These threads are non-absorbable and these threads are barbed in to sutures into the skin and the soft tissues. Since, these sutures are non-absorbable they stay deep within the tissues and they provide with the require support. The thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure. This procedure is done under local anesthetic.

Specific Entry Points

There are fat layers under the skin. A stainless steel tube that consists of a needle sharp end is used in this process. It is inserted under the skin in specific entry points through a designated path through specific entry points in the face. An exit point is also made at a specific point. The thread is inserted inside and the thread is pulled over through the other side of the tube. Following this, the tube is removed and the thread remains in place. The thread is anchored and cut after positioning the thread in a desired position. The threads are taped in the face in order to prevent any kind of movement. When there is excessive movement, this might prevent the desired placement of threads. And this can lead to an undesirable thread lift. To achieve a desired thread lift, specific procedures are strictly followed.

Eyebrow Lifting

This technique can also be used for eyebrow lifting. In this case, the sutures are tied to the temporal fascia. This is one of the minimal invasion techniques to post pone facial rejuvenation. Facial rejuvenation is not achieved using just one technique. There are different methods like laser methods, chemical peel methods. Cosmetic injections, and a few dermal fillers techniques. Of all the many methods, thread lift is used as a method to postpone face lift for many years. While this is not a substitute for face lift, those men and women in their late thirties and forties who have a very good health but are showing signs of aging are ideal candidates for the thread lift procedure. This is the ideal procedure for those who have time constraints and budget constraints to go through a full face lift. Ideal for those looking for just a little more lifting. There are different types of thread lifts and your physician will recommend the best method.